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 In 2009, three Soldiers moved into a clan called Sons of L1berty, devoting their lives for the clan. They loved to clan war, and they defeated a lot of opponents even the strongest. Then out of no where something had happened. Later in 2009, Sons of L1berty was ended, without any explanation. Until, one day three Soldiers came together named ChrisW38, ElWolverine and SugaryIce. They all decided that something needed to be done. The.Magnificents was born.

Since its establishment Nov, 7. 2009, The.Magnificents has grown to meet the needs of the community.

The.Magnificents has been a peaceful society and has lived in secrecy. With the combination of guns and nades, they have invented and mastered a magnificent combat style, which no one has seen for years. The Combat Arms Community has lived in an inhospitable area, with hackers surrounding the community. That no nation has ever tried to set foot in the nation. Our Magnificents are proud and take their missions seriously. We Affiliate with other hack-free clans for good services. Our Magnificents are dedicated for their effort to provide a fun and clean gaming environment. With a Magnificent War coming up, we can not just sit by and let Hackers and any other nation overrun us, it is time for us to rise up and join the hack-free alliance, and help the combat arms world.

In 2010, The.Magnificents met demand for higher volume, improved skills, increased technology and clan members. The Level 3 Company Clan has been through tough times and is looking forward to getting better and better. 

Now 2011, The.Magnificents has even more improved skills, increased technology, and increased clan members. Which they are now a Level 4 Battalion Clan. One of the big changes in technology was the New recent website they have added that is currently being worked on [TMagnitude]. For the year 2011, they're currently working on getting every soldiers registry/verification on CBL. Also, they have bumped up there requirements for joining the clan. Clan requirement changes were, you now have to have a .80 KDR (Kill Death Ratio), nothing else so far was confirmed. We do know that later on in the future in 2011, they are planning on bumping up the KDR (Kill Death Ratio) to .93. The Rank was even mentioned to change later in 2011 to CSM and Higher. With all these big changes who knows what the outcome will be for 2012.

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