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Get CBL Verified!

                 First You Must be CBL Registered!

                          To get CBL Registered Click this: Register Now!

                  Now time to get CBL Verified!

  1. Go to "Access MyCBL" located at top left side under your User name and Logout.
  2. You will then click on the red highlighted, which says "You are not verified. Click here to get verified".
   3. Once you have clicked on the red highlighted. Where it shows "Player Name" you want to put your IGN (In Game Name). Put your Player Name EXACTLY how it is spelled on the game. Then you will want to click on Request Verification.


   4. After you have put in your Player Name and have click on Request Verification. You Will NEED to WRITE DOWN your "MyCBL Key", because you will need it to get verified. On the right where it says Player, you will want to write down all or some of those peoples names.


   5. The FINAL step! Once you have got your "MyCBL Key" & some of those players names written down. Find one of those players in-game and ask them to verify you. Give them your "MyCBL Key". After this is done you are CBL Verified. You might not be CBL Verified right away it is whenever that person has put you in the CBL Verification System.

To see the Benefits for becoming CBL Verified click here: CBL Verified Benefits

Clan CBL Verified Benefits:

  • You then will have access to be able to get gifted.

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