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           Step by Step Guide to Reduce Lagg!

 Step 1 :

This might sound silly but if you have got too many friends on your buddy list, You will lagg. Delete all the people on your friends list on combat arms except for your main buddies. This sounds weird but it really works!

Step 2 :

If you are running Windows XP on a slower computer you may want to turn off all the excess visual effects. These effects can look appealing, but there is no doubt that the more visual effects the Operating System has to handle, the slower the system will be. You can disable the visual effects to increase the speed of Windows XP.

First we need to get to the Visual Effects settings. Right click on My Computer and select Properties.

Click on the Advanced Tab. Then under the Performance section click the settings button.


The Performance Options window should open with the Visual Effects tab open.
Adjust for best performance. This will turn off all of the visual enhancements.

Now press '' Apply '' and its done!

Step 3 :

right-click on the desktop, select ‘Properties’, under theme select ‘Windows Classic’. Disable the wallpaper and set a color of your choice. Disable your screen saver too.

Step 4 :

Disable compression and indexing
Right-click on your (C:) drive and select properties. At the bottom of the dialog that pops up you will see two check boxes called ‘Compress drive to save disk space’ and ‘Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching’. Uncheck both check boxes and click ‘Apply’.
Step 5 :
Clear History on your internet browser. Go to  > Tools located at top of your browser. Click [Clear Recent History] then select "All" & click "Clear Now".
Step 6 :
Disk Cleanup your computer which you would go to [start] then go to [accessories] & go to [system tools]. Do Disk Cleanup, & do the System Restore. Optional: You may also want to clear your components. Which would also be found in the Disk Cleanup.
Step 7 :
Disk Defrag your computer which you would go to [start] then go to [accessories] & go to [system tools].

Step 8 :

Making more memory space which you would go to [start] then go to [control panel] and go to [add or remove programs] you then would select any programs you DON'T need.
Step 8 1/2 :
If you do NOT feel SAFE about Disabling Services that I have listed below. Please, Try going to this website. Go with the SAFE Configuration and that should help.
Disable Services
Go to Start > Run, type in ’services.msc’.
To turn off a service, double-click on it and select Disabled under Startup type. For normal use, disable the following services:
Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Computer Browser
Error Reporting Service
Help and Support
Indexing Service
IPSEC Services
Media Center Reciever
Media Center Scheduler
NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
Network DDE
Network DDE DSDM
Performance Logs and Alerts
Portable Media Serial Number
Remote Access Auto Connection
Remote Access Connection
Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
Remote Registry
Secondary Logon
Smart Card
Smart Card Helper
SSDP Discovery Service
System restore Service
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Universal Plug and Play Device Host
Windows time
Wireless Zero Configuration
WMI Performance Adapter

You can also try MSCONFIG and Disable any programs or services you want.
I do recommend you to keep it on Normal though.
Also, you need to check your graphic card by going to run and typing in dxdiag and scan and repair.
I recommend you to make sure your computer is up to date.
For example go to Start > Microsoft update or Windows update
and click on for High priority update.
Step 9 :
 Making Combat Arms Run Faster which you would press [ctrl+alt & delete do this by holding keys] go to Engine.exe and second click it. Click on Set Priority and select your choice.
Step 10 :
I Recommend you to download some FREE Software Programs that Improve Performance. I have made a list below of some TOP FREE Software Programs that work MAGNIFICENT!
Step 11 :
I would recommend you doing some research on to how to reduce lag and boost computer performance yourself! You will actually probably find out MORE and even know more than what is on here. If you like, you can even post at the bottom on this page what other ways to reduce lag or even more info that can help us!
Step 11 1/2 :
If none of these steps work try starting your computer from scratch
If that doesn't work then your computer is either old or not suitable for this game. Remember to check the Requirements given by Nexon for Combat Arms.

  FREE Software Programs that Improve Performance!

See what is slowing you down! SPEEDTEST.NET

                      Download Game Booster!

 Download Advanced System Care!

Download Smart Defrag!

 Download CCleaner!

Here is a Website that has ALL FREE or FREE TRAIL 

Software Programs that Improve Performance!


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      How to screen shot(s/s) & video/record game.

Attention Soldiers!

Do you ever wish you could show everyone your shining moments in battle? That final kill? That super sneaky attack? Now you can document your success on the field for future generations (and your fellow soldiers) with just the press of a button! Combat Arms brings you its newest features, In-game Video Recording and direct YouTube Uploading! Read on to find out how you can become the next YouTube hero...
Video Capturing Made Easy!


How to screen shot(s/s) -- On your keyboard there is a button [prt sc/sys rq], this is what you would click on to screen shot(s/s).

How to video/record game -- First of all, there is many ways of doing this. I will tell you a few ways. Here are some of those ways that I'll give, to video/record your game by using a camcordor, cellphone, and Hypercam. Hypercam download here!

  If you have something that is helpful to this page, please place your comment below! Thank you :)




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